About    us

Complete Building Services specializes in providing superior building maintenance services for a multitude of facilities ranging from Class A commercial buildings to small schools and hospitalsWe are a “one stop shop” committed to offering exceptional services for a competitive price. We value our partnerships with each client and to provide complete satisfaction, CBS will assign a quality control account manager to each site to conduct weekly or bi-weekly inspections. We want to keep in constant communication with you regarding your facility.




Over twenty-five years of experience in the industry providing superior service to the beautiful Bay Area. Starting 2021, we are now a nationwide company!


Focus on  Quality


At Complete Building Services, we recognize that quality is extremely important and it can make or break our reputation. We spend extra time in training our crews to pay attention to every detail and uphold our high standards. We are constantly looking for areas with room for improvement during our weekly or twice monthly quality control inspections. We then share our findings with our on-site staff and discuss procedures to improve our performance. We take great pride in what we do and we want to make sure it’s done right.


Focus on Safety


Complete Building Services is fully certified, bonded and insured.

  • We train our staff with appropriate safety measures per building and it’s occupants.
  • We use OSHA approved cleaning solutions and green cleaning products where ever applicable.
  • Ongoing education, training and incentives help to keep our workforce safe and motivated.